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Essential parts for your Axxess™ system:

Due to Mitel's retirement of the Inter-Tel Axxess, handsets and expansion components for the system are becoming harder for companies to source. PSU have stocks and will endeavour to continue supply of them for as long as possible.

8560 standard digital phone 8560 Executive Digital Phone
6 Line Display with programmable keys
8520 standard digital phone 8520 Standard Digital Phone
2 Line Display with programmable keys
DKSC16 Card DKSC16 Card
Provides an additional 16 digital extensions.
T1/E1 Card T1/E1 Card
This card will provide a further 30 ISDN channels.
T1/E1 Card Basic Rate Card
This card enables additional ISDN2 circuits to be added to your system.
The embedded version of voicemail including the facility to record calls.
This card will provide remote IP capability for another location, including home workers.
LSC Card LSC Card
A 4 circuit analogue card for direct exchange line connections.
LSC Daughter Card LSC Daughter Card
Integrates with the above card and provides a further 4 analogue circuits.
OPC Card OPC Card
This card provides additional voice and call processing functions.
This card will provide an additional 8 analogue extensions.
This card will provide an additional 16 analogue extensions.
Voice Mail NT Voice Mail
The server version of voicemail which can be expanded from 4 to 44 ports. Provides many advanced features including the recording of calls.
The central cabinet to house all of the above cards.
Basic Digital Handset Basic Digital Handset
No Display with Programmable Keys.
Standard Digital Handset Standard Digital Handset
2 Line Display with Programmable Keys.
Executive Handset Executive Handset
6 Line Display with Programmable Keys.
To find out availability, telephone: 0800 1313416
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